What is An A-Board


Everything You Need to Know About Advertising Boards

A-boards are one of the most effective forms of street advertisement, bringing in new customers to a range of businesses every day.

In this blog, we have everything you need to know about A-boards and how you can use them as a new marketing tool in your business.

What is an A-board?

An A-board is sign businesses usually place outside of their entrance which is used to promote their latest offers and products. By placing an A-board on the pavement outside a shopfront, businesses can increase the footfall, especially at busy times of the day.

These advertising boards are available as chalkboards, allowing businesses to write bespoke messages or as aluminium boards where printed posters can be inserted.

Where did they get the name A-board?

A-boards get their name simply from their shape, which looks like a letter ‘A’. They form this shape by connecting two flat sides via a joint. The two sides allow you to advertise your company from both sides and in turn attract customers from both directions.

What sizes are A-boards available in?

Advertising boards come in a range of materials and sizes. Here at Sign Supermarket, we offer various sizes including A0, A1 and A2.

Benefits of advertising via an A-board?

A-boards are an easy way to promote your business. Some of their benefits include:

  • Promoting products, promotions and discounts.
  • Attracting new customers if you are located off the main high street.
  • Making announcements such as moving store or grand openings.

When advertising with an A-board, it is important to use simple images and easy to read fonts to ensure your sign is easy to analyse whilst passing. Some business owners also opt for jokes or catchy slogans on their boards to attract even more clientele.

Is an A-board the same as a sandwich board?

Although at times, individuals will refer to A-boards and sandwich boards as the same thing, this isn’t always the case.

The main difference between these two boards is that sandwich boards can sometimes be worn as a form of street advertising. This would comprise of an individual wearing the board and walking round in the general area usually handing out flyers or discount cards. This is therefore different from the A-board as these are a stationary form of advertising, which is placed directly outside a shop or restaurant.

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